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A Mother’s Love, A Son’s Regret: A Mother’s Perspective (Deluxe Edition) -Excerpt

  Excerpt From “A Mother’s Love, A Son’s Regret” Deluxe Edition “A Young Mother” 1971-1983 From the days he slept in the safety of my belly, I worried. My beloved son. I would pray for him as my palm would glide across my tight skin, awaiting patiently to feel his movements. His kicks and punches …

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Covid, Coughin’ & Chaos – A Poetry Book (Excerpt)

Corey Porter once again delivers with his poetry book “COVID, Coughin’ & Chaos.” The poetry describes the inner thoughts that are shared by many throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic, from quarantining and mask-wearing, along with the protest for racial equality. Heartfelt, sadness, and anger to sometimes humorous, this poetry book will resonate with nearly everyone. …

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