Corey Porter’s New Poetry Book “I’ve Got A Story To Tell”

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"A Her And His-Story"

White hands grabbed her black baby in the night.
Black Women were bred like cattle.
Raped by slave masters.
She could lose her life if she put up a fight.
She waved goodbye to her son…
Bravely… as he was sold into slavery.
Her husband’s in the tree…
A runaway.
He escaped a few months back.
It was a Summer day.
He was caught by a man who hunts blacks.
A slave catcher.
His body swings in view of slaves...
Slave women tell their sons to behave…
Cause no child is too young to hang and shovels can dig little graves.
A Mother’s slave lecture.
Picking cotton in the sun.
Bags are weighed.
Overseers on horses with guns.
Slaves who run would get blast away.
Fare skin negroes served the master and his guest….
As slaves daydream of a heart attack massive in his chest.
Slaves bury the elderly that pass away.
Wade in the water.
The songs that were sung.
The pain that was explained and recorded...
Help us never forget the wrong that was done.
A black boy whistled at a white woman…
Or did he?
Or did she lie?
Years later…
She admitted it… and then she died.
The black boy was only 14.
Kidnapped from his uncle’s house in the night.
White men dragged him out of the house as the boy screamed.
The boy’s uncle was too frightened to fight.
Days passed.
The black boy’s body was found.
Face bashed.
Shot in the head.
Body wrapped with barbed wire around.
The funeral.
casket opened.
The boys face…
Broken, black and bloated.
The murder case.
The white men who did it…
And just a few months later…
Just like the white woman who lied about it all…
The white men would admit it.
Never forget it.


"A Fly On The Wall"

He Asked For Something To Eat...
She Made it..
He asked for Something To Drink...
He Drinks it
No Thank You... Nothing
I don’t know what she’s Thinking..
I Guess Too Much Liquor Consumption.. or something
I watch her drink her pain away for Hours.
Every Night Crying in The Shower…
Every Morning Lying To Her Kids about Her Swollen eye Lid..
I Just wish to give her Power…
Why Don't She Just Leave..
Say enough is enough and Walk away..
But Every Day is a Johnnie Walker Day
Or Rum Day..
But Everyday she stays is a Dumb day.. To me.
But Who am I to judge?
Cause see, I’m Just a fly
Just a bug on The wall..
Too Small To budge her off the floor while She Cries..
trying to wipe the blood off the floor..
I'm thinking, Why?
Why be a Punching Bag For a Coward Of a Man?
I fear One day she'll be a dead flower in his hand..
I wish God Blessed her with a Man That’ll give Her Water..
Give her enough strength to take a stand for her daughter…
Baby Girl watched her get slammed on the floor.
Her Mother is Getting Beat By a Father she adores
I don't know what's worst..
Me Flying around this cage she’s scared to leave…
Or one day flying around her Grave..
I'm Just a Fly On The Wall



"Phenomenal Woman"

To All The Mothers On Their Own raising Boys To be Men...
With No Fathers In Their Homes…
Let me Try To Begin.
We Say Thanks A Billion Times...
Still, It's Never enough.
This is My Written Dedication…
Thank God For This Pen.
To All Mothers Going Hungry so Your Kids Could Be Fed.
You Gave Up On Your Dreams…
So We Could Dream It Instead.
You carried Us For 9 Months...
You Went Through All The Pain…
Just so We Could get a Chance To get a Shot at this thing...
Called Life…
There is Not a stronger Love Than a Woman Can Give…
There's Not A Bullet In this World...
That a woman won't Take...
So Her Children Can Live...
So Her Children Can Make...
Better Choices Than She Did.
A Phenomenal Woman.
Will Give Up Her Last So Her Children Could Laugh…
Laugh When She's Hurt So Her Children Won't Cry.
Take The Feathers From Her wings...
So Her Children Could Fly.
Her Love Never Dies...
Phenomenal Woman.


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