Covid, Coughin’ & Chaos – A Poetry Book (Excerpt)

Corey Porter once again delivers with his poetry book "COVID, Coughin' & Chaos." The poetry describes the inner thoughts that are shared by many throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic, from quarantining and mask-wearing, along with the protest for racial equality. Heartfelt, sadness, and anger to sometimes humorous, this poetry book will resonate with nearly everyone. Available now for pre-order



They were dressed in scrubs with gloves.
Masked superheroes with their own guns.
Their brains… restless.
Rotating around me like the Sun.
Dinner and breakfast.
Risking their own lungs…
to keep this villain from killing me.
Women and men loving me like their own sons.
Refusing to let me die.
Chest compressions when my heart stopped…
When one got tired the other said….
“Let me try?”
Covid-19’s worst fear is a Nurse’s care.
My anxiety and doubt would run out whenever a nurse appeared.
Soldiers of the ICU.
You’ll never know when a Nurse is scared.
Strong on the front lines…
but I’m sure during lunchtime they burst with tears.
Most of us wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you…
who fought the invisible villain that none of us knew.

An Excerpt from Corey Porter's Poetry Book "Covid, Coughiin' & Chaos" Available on Amazon



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