Pain Killers

Corey Porter's latest book Pain Killers is a collection of short stories that become pieces of one suspenseful tale of man's past coming back to haunt him. This book is full of murder, betrayal, grief and forgiveness that would keep all readers intrigued. Pain Killers is available now on Amazon


A Mother's Love, A Son's Regret

This book is a must-read. Corey Porter writes a compelling story about a Mother's love for her troubled son. The story shines a light on a strained relationship between parent and child that many families experience today. Like every child, there will come a time when you'll need your Mother. Unfortunately, this son had to go to prison to see his Mother's love on full display.


Preying In Church

A lion hunts where the gazelles dwell. Bears know where the salmon swims, and a child predator knows where he or she would be trusted around a child.


I've Got A Story To Tell

This remarkable poetry book is one of a kind. The stories are written with poetic brilliance mixed with a rollercoaster of many emotions. The author Corey Porter writes what many black and brown children are experiencing every day around the world. Poetic stories about murder, police brutality, drug addiction, love, divorce, and death all written with Corey Porter's witty, metaphoric ability will captivate you from beginning to end.


Goodnight Kids: Bedtime Poetry

A nursery rhyme book full of imaginative and inspiring poetry. Corey Porter once again delivers a book for the ages that will keep your child asking to read more. The nursery rhymes touch on a variety of subjects such as bullying, fear, work ethic, strangers and much more. This book is a must-have for your child's collection.

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