The Quiet Superheroes: The Parents Of The PICU & NICU

The Quiet Superheroes

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.
I call it the haunted house for parents — a frightening place. A place parents feel helpless. We bargain with God as our kids are connected to ventilators and IV poles.
Some of us parents know this dreadful place all too well. We know where they keep the pillows and blankets for our sleepover. The beeps and alarms that ring off throughout the night make it almost impossible to sleep. The worry you see on the faces of fellow parents as you both smile through the pain. The monitors that display the vital signs are like a TV marathon of a show you hate. You pray as the nurses rush into another child’s room to stabilize them. It’s the life of us parents who were chosen to love in spite of sickness or disabilities. The life of the quiet superheroes.



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